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More Celebration of Everyday Life

In a media environment with greater celebration of the famous and the highly successful, many Americans are feeling the need to feel that everyday life is OK and should be exalted.

For example, Americans are increasingly unsure of themselves. Today 48 percent agree, "I usually wait until other people have tried things before I try them myself," versus 36 percent in 2005, according to GfK. Social media and greater awareness of the lives of the successful via reality TV and Twitter have helped drive this.

In addition, 20-something Millennials brought up believing they're special have had to face the harsh reality of the recent economy.

Because of this we're seeing an increasing trend toward celebrating the small things: Daniel Mercadants' "Routines" short movie project, Cesar Kuriyam's "One Second Every Day" app, and Google Chrome ads.

Chris Ryan | Riser | Getty Images