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Creativity From the Couch

The importance of creative expression has been growing among Americans. However, this is no "get out the easel and paint" creativity. It's Instagramming your photo, discovering new art at Art.sy, or DIYing by kit.

Americans are more creatively-minded. Today, 28 percent agree that "being creative and imaginative is extremely important," up from 23 percent in 2006, according to Simmons. But much of this creativity comes without effort – Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapseed all give us the feeling of self-expression with the click of a button.

Something similar is at work in the DIY space. Since 2011 Google indexed searches for "DIY" have been increasing significantly. Now companies are springing up (like "For the Makers") that sell easy-to-follow DIY kits.

Echo| Cultura | Getty Images