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Disappearing Internet

As the Internet is integrated into more products, 2013 will see a tipping point in the web becoming invisible. We'll no longer be aware of "going online" to do all the things we do, and the idea of "digital" technology will become increasingly redundant.

Americans feel less connected to "the Internet." In 2012, 47 percent agreed, "I would feel disconnected without the Internet," down from 54 percent in 2010, according to GfK. However, time spent online has increased from an average 155 minutes per day in 2010 to 173 minutes in 2012, according to eMarketer.

What's going on here? As the web is increasingly integrated into our devices, we're less aware of "going onto the Internet" to access sites like Facebook. We're just using Facebook.The web is disappearing.

Fueling this further in 2013 will be the growth of web-enabled Smart TVs and the launch of a number of new, smaller web-enabled devices. Google Glass will launch to developers this year; the Pebble smart watch will finally ship; and so will Muse, the brainwave-sensing headband that allows you to control your devices.

Source. Getpebble.com