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Unique Converted Homes 2013

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Unique Converted Homes 2013

This is the third-annual collection of residences that were created from buildings that formerly served other purposes. The visionaries who dreamed up and created these homes started off with disused and neglected buildings (one dating back five centuries) and transformed them into unusual habitations designed for modern lifestyles.

Some categories of buildings are favorites when it comes to adaptive reuse, and you'll see a few types here that have been featured before in this series, yet the results are still completely different. Other homes in this collection were made from unexpected structures. Whatever their starting points, the resulting examples of adaptive reuse range from simple and minimal or rustic to contemporary. And whereas Unique Converted Homes on CNBC has featured many single-family home conversions in the past, this go-round features a few more apartments than usual.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 11 Jan. 2013

Photo by: Julian Weyer | C.F. Møller