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Apple Stock Down 80 Percent?: Schatz

Apple Stock Stands to Lose 80 Percent from High: Schatz
Apple Stock Stands to Lose 80 Percent from High: Schatz

Historical indicators suggest Apple stock prices will lose 50 to 80 percent of its value from a high of $705, Heritage Capital President Paul Schatz said Monday.

Every bull market, he said, has a stock that can do no wrong, and Apple took that honor following the financial crisis.

On "Fast Money," he said that Apple stock would punish investors who bought in after its march toward a high of $705, putting the stock back around the $300 to $400 level.

"It's a wonderful company, fastastic products," he said, while making his bear case.

"Bear markets are very unkind," he said. "They punish the people that came in late."

Schatz said he did not hold any positions in Apple.

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