Davos 2013: Behind the Scenes

The Davos Download: Reporting On The Ground

Donna Burton | Sr. Talent Producer
Behind the Scenes at Davos with Maria Bartiromo

'Prepping' is the key word in Davos today as 'Team Bartiromo' finalized details for the 40 interviews about to air over the next three days.

Katie Kramer and Donna Burton | CNBC

If you haven't seen the list of Maria's interviews for the week -- we've got the decision-makers you want to pay attention to. We are talking to JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon, Citi's Michael Corbat, George Soros, UBS' Axel Weber, Merck CEO Ken Frazier, U.S. House Leader Eric Cantor and many more.

Katie Kramer and Donna Burton | CNBC

Because this is the week the world focuses on, where key figures troubleshoot global problems face to face, it's important we nail the interviews perfectly. That means content prep -- talking out the issues, the angles that matter most to our viewers. As you can see, Maria, Katie and I dedicated a significant portion of time to getting the interviews just right. And with 40 guest interviews about to start in a matter of hours -- that time was significant throughout the day.

Outside of content, we took some beauty shots to kick off Maria's coverage. Here's a teaser on some of the locations throughout the town with Maria's stand-ups starting on The Closing Bell 3-5p ET today. Given the snow, the beautiful mountains, the charming streets of Davos -- it was not a hard job.

Ciao from Davos!