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Cramer’s Game Plan: CAT, YHOO and 10 Other Hot Stocks

Gameplan for Next Week's Earnings

It looks like investors are facing another big week in the markets.

"We're still in the middle of earnings season," reminded Jim Cramer, "a time when it can be dangerous to shoot first and ask questions later. So let me remind you, again, that before you pull the trigger on a stock, you still have to do the homework, and that includes listening to or reading the transcript of the conference call."

With that in mind, here's your Mad Money Gameplan for the week ahead.


Industrials will get Cramer's attention on Monday. "First up, we hear from Caterpillar," he said. And Cramer thinks it's likely the stock will sell-off after the release. "So in this market that means, how much should we buy on weakness? This market has a forgiving quality to it like all bull markets, so pay close attention to CAT if it sells off, and be prepared to buy some if it does," he said

Internet will also be a watchword. "Yahoo reports after the close on Monday," Cramer said. "This is a quarter that falls squarely in the lap of the new CEO, Melissa Mayer, and we're going to gauge her progress by how well she brings out value."


Technology lands front and center on Tuesday. "We get results from EMC, and I'm worried about EMC," said Cramer. "So many analysts have downgraded it and tech hardware, any hardware, has been disappointing. I sold this one for my charitable trust. If you're long, I would lighten up on some, risk the rest."

Cars and trucks will also be top of mind. "Ford also comes out, Tuesday," Cramer said. "We caught a downgrade today from Barclays, which worried me. I hate to see downgrades this close to an earnings report, but I have been adamant that Europe's stabilizing and China's going up and Latin America's roaring back. In other words, former headwinds for Ford should soon be tailwinds. I am a buyer, but at this point you might as well wait to see what they say given the Barclays downgrade, before you pull the trigger."

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Drugs will also be a key theme. "We hear from Pfizer," Cramer said. "We know Pfizer's breaking up and we think that Pfizer's breaking out. Don't forget, it's spinning out its animal health business, Zoetis, which IPOs this week, and I want you in that deal." Read More: Cramer: This IPO for the Dogs - And Cats!

Internet retail will be another idea that's top of mind. "After the close Tuesday, Amazon reports," he said. "Here's a stock that's been charmed—the stock with the Midas touch. It seems that no matter what Amazon says, everyone laps it up, but only after the stock initially gets hammered. If it takes off, it's going to be too difficult to chase, but be aware that the pattern here is wait until Amazon plummets and then buy, and I don't think this time will be any different," Cramer said.


Cramer will visit one of his favorite themes - aerospace - on Wednesday. "We get a major update from Boeing," he said. "I think if it weren't for the Dreamliner problems, this would have been the quarter to end all quarters and you would have to be buying it ahead. Now, though, they are going to have to quantify the unquantifiable, and I would steer clear, particularly because the transportation board has said there are no quick and easier answers. So hold off on Boeing."

Technology will again grab the spotlight. "We hear from Qualcomm after the close," said Cramer. "Here's a company that's linked to Apple, but should be linked to the whole smartphone category, and what we heard Wednesday from Apple and last night from Samsung is that smartphones might be saturated. Qualcomm's got a heavy burden as it's going to have to tell us if that's the case."


Thursday will be a day made for Mad Money. "We get results from Bemis on Thursday," said Cramer, a stock profiled on the show. "I mentioned this stock earlier this week as part of the brand new bull market in packaging, and I think you're going to see why I said that I expect a very good quarter."

"Then, after the close, we hear from Berry Plastics, the other packaging bull market player. I think that there's a lot to like here and I'd be in it to win." Read More: Jim Cramer: Secret Bull Story Developing in Food Niche


The first Friday of the new months is always big. "We get the Labor Department's January employment report. We need to see if those jobless claims that came out Thursday, ones that were at a five-year low, will compute into a terrific monthly employment report."

Also on Friday Cramer will be watching big oil with reports expected from Exxon and Chevron. "I want to sell Exxon on any strength leading up to this quarter and buy Chevron on any weakness," said Cramer.

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