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Euro Zone Sees Divergence, Kiwi Lifts


German consumer confidence rose, but French consumer confidence was flat and Spanish retail sales fell sharply, underscoring the divergence in the euro zone. The euro edged lower. [WSJ]

The dollar slipped slightly on possible dollar selling by Japanese exporters, but still hovered near a 2 1/2 year high against the yen. [CNBC]

An unexpected trade surplus in New Zealand sent the New Zealand dollar higher. []

A rebound in business confidence sent the Australian dollar higher. [WSJ]

Experts are weighing in on whether the European Union should stick together. [NYT]

Sixty percent of economists polled in a new survey expect to lose its AAA credit rating in the next twelve months. [CNBC]

's central bank told banks to use a local FX reference rate rather than a Singapore-based fixing now in use by many traders. [CNBC]

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