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Stocks ‘Headed Higher’: Guy Adami

Stocks 'Headed Higher': Guy Adami

A few factors suggest that the S&P 500 would continue to post gains, StockMonster's Guy Adami said Tuesday, as stocks approached multi-year highs.

On "Fast Money," he said that stocks would experience upward pressure as long as the 10-year notes neared 2 percent yields and the VIX was headed toward 12, which appeared likely.

Adami said that the S&P was probably going to reach 1,535 to 1,550, which would be the top for the year.

"The market every reason to sell off" — but it hasn't, Adami noted. "I do think we're headed higher."

Tim Seymour of agreed.

"Rates are telling you what's going on," he added, noting bond yields in Germany were signaling higher levels for stocks.

Shelter Harbor Capital's Brian Kelly also said that the market should be seeing a sell-off.

"I can find 20 different reasons why the market should go down, but it just doesn't," he said. "It just keeps going up. A lot of it does appear to be cash coming into the market."

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