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Sweden's Investor AB Optimistic on Global Recovery

Investor AB CEO: I Am More Optimistic

The Swedish investment company, Investor AB, has hiked its dividend after its fourth quarter net asset value (NAV) per share rose by 12 percent from a year ago.

Investor AB's Chief Executive Borje Ekholm told CNBC that he was optimistic about the recovery of the global economy.

"I'm an optimist about the long-term development of the global economies. We'll see some short-term ups and downs but the wealth created around the world and the growth of emerging markets will drive the global economy," he said, adding that he was cautious on Chinese growth.

"It is better to be a little bit cautious on development [in China] because they are going to transform their economy from an investment-oriented economy to a consumption-oriented economy," he said.

The company has proposed a dividend of 7 krona ($1.09), up from 6 krona last year. Shares rose 1 percent on Tuesday after the earnings report was released.