'Gangnam Style' Cigarettes to Debut in Canada

Talia Ralph
Source: Psy | Youtube

'Gangnam Style' is coming to Canada, though perhaps not in the way you'd expect.

Made famous by Korean pop sensation Psy, the term refers to the upscale lifestyle in Seoul's Gangnam district. However, a newly established cigarette company is piggy-backing on the song's popularity to sell their products.

"One of our new arrivals will have the name of 'Gangnam,' riding on the huge popularity of Psy's 'Gangnam Style,'" said Kang Cheol-jung, the 54-year-old CEO of CT&G, a new tobacco company set up by South Koreans living in Ontario, Yonhap News reported.

More From the Global Post:

The other types of Virginia-blend cigarettes are called "38" (for the number of company shareholders) and "MIDAS" (we presume in a nod to the golden king).

The cigarettes will be produced by a manufacturer in Canada on consignment, and will go on sale in Ontario mid-February, Kangtold the Korea Herald.

"[We] plan to expand the market into the whole areas of Canada as well as China, Southeast Asian countries and South America," said Kang, adding that he hoped the cigarettes will "help promote his home country," the Korea Herald reported.

No offense, but we think Psy may have already taken care of that.

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