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Cramer: Stock Gains Have Unexpected Ties to Super Bowl

Cramer's Link Between Football and the Market

"Occasionally there's a secret behind the market's success," said Jim Cramer. And right now it has everything to do with Sunday's game.


Cramer's theory is based on a triangle of geographic metaphors. Here's all you need to know:

The Baltimore Ravens will be squaring off with the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans. And Cramer believes the strength of this market lies at the confluence of these three pillars.


In an attempt to analyze whether the stock market rally has staying power, Cramer said it's important to understand what's driving the gains.

And one major driver of gains has been old-line industrials as represented by Baltimore. Another driver has been new tech as represented by San Francisco, and finally oil and gas as represented by New Orleans.

Make sense?

"After four years of fits and starts, we're seeing the emergence of American manufacturing. It's been a long stretch of disappointment. But now everything's beginning to click for our industrial economy," said Cramer. And it's a big tailwind for stocks.

Go Baltimore!

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"Technology is starting to come back too," Cramer added. "You may not see it in Intel, but tech, particularly the semiconductors and everything related to the cloud and the Internet, is roaring here."

Hurray for San Francisco!

"Finally, there's Louisiana, home of the Super Bowl, and more important, the energy sector, which is the biggest winner in the S&P 500 so far in 2013, up 8%," said Cramer. Sure, crude oil has increased in price this year, but that's not what's really behind the energy move. No, it's the astounding renaissance of the American oil industry."

You rock New Orleans!

"And that's what makes me so hopeful about the rest of the year," Cramer added.

"The Baltimore to San Francisco to New Orleans triangle, the one that will come together in the 47th Super Bowl this Sunday, epitomizes what's going right in a market led by industrials, tech and oil. And I think it can go right for many more months to come."

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