Boeing Asks FAA to Lift Grounding of Dreamliners for Test Flights

Phil LeBeau
Boeing Asks FAA to Allow Dreamliner Test Flights

CNBC has learned Boeing has formally filed a request with the FAA to allow the company to resume test flights of 787 Dreamliners.

The company filed its request today.

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Why now? What's changed?

Through the testing of batteries and review of data, Boeing believes it now is to the point where further testing of Dreamliner batteries and components is needed while they are in flight. In other words, there are tests needed to either confirm or eliminate whether certain conditions (vibration, etc.) in flight did or did not contribute to the two Dreamliner battery fires.

Bloomberg | Getty Images

There is no word on when the FAA will respond.

NOTE: This is only for Boeing 787's, not those delivered already to customers like United Airlines.

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