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How S&P Gets to 1,600: Bannister

How S&P Gets to 1,600: Bannister

The S&P 500 still appears to hit a mid-2013 target of 1,600, Stifel Nicolaus Chief Macro Strategist Barry Banister said Monday on CNBC.

"It's P/E expansion on more cyclical parts of the economy," he said. "If you look at energy, material, industrials, financials, they tend to trade at lower P/Es. They have a lot of economic doubt built into them. We think they're not that bad."

On "Fast Money," Bannister said that he had thought the S&P would hit the target within the first half of 2013. That time frame represents an update from his December call of the S&P reaching 1,600 in the first quarter of 2013.

The Federal Reserve, he added, was "running red-hot" and was likely to continue its existing monetary policy.

Although gasoline prices could provide headwinds for the stock market, Bannister said that he was "pretty pleased, and we would buy on these dips."

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Bannister said a sell-off of bonds would be positive.

"A little bit of reflation is confidence, and it's good," he said. "The market wants the yields to rise as a sign that deflation's been avoided."

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