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Cramer: Next 1,000 Points in the Dow - Higher

Cramer: What I Learned at the Super Bowl

Jim Cramer often rubs shoulders with movers and shakers. And they all seem to be telling him the same thing.

After chatting with a number of CEOs and business titans in and around the Super Bowl this past week-end, Cramer said, "Their overall sense of things is, 'phew,' Washington didn't screw it up so badly that business is hurt. In fact, with Washington off the front pages we can thrive again."

And Cramer thinks that's enough to make it more likely than not the next 1,000 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average will be higher, not lower.

The Mad Money host said that business leaders kept returning to the same two themes all weekend– and both were bullish

#1 – Renaissance in Housing

"Those involved in any part of the housing cycle speak positively about the state of the American consumer despite a myriad headwinds," Cramer said. "They see loans taken out. They see expansion happening." They see growth.

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#2 – New Energy Discoveries

"Business leaders want to harness the fuel of the future, natural gas," said Cramer. "The big transport guys are all waiting and watching. Also, manufacturing is especially keen on nat gas. They are saying that it has become so cheap to make things here, and if they can just do more with natural gas, they could make something big happen."

The rhetoric seems to confirm a thesis that Cramer first presented in late January. That is, herculean forces could be gathering that drive the US stock market to new highs.

Cramer believes a growing confluence of signs, both fundamental and technical, suggest the rally will remain very powerful.

And the general enthusiasm of the business community to make deals, embark on new endeavors and win market share should provide tailwinds to drive the economy and by proxy the stock market.

"I can tell you that most of the major companies I talked with, want to do business," Cramer said.

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