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'As Seen on TV' Success Stories

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“As Seen On TV” Success Stories

A.J. Khubani founded TeleBrands in 1983, on a modest budget of $20,000. Today, it's clear that it paid off. TeleBrands does blockbuster business, selling such products as PastaBoat and Plaque Blast through direct response television infomercials.

TeleBrands is the dominant player in the "As Seen on TV" sales category. This is appropriate, since Khubani himself designed the ubiquitous "As Seen on TV" logo, according to Manish Israni, vice president of market research.

Today, its products are sold in such retail outlets as Wal-Mart and Target, a testament to their popularity. However, despite many successes, Israni conceded that TeleBrands hasn't always gotten it right.

"We passed on the Snuggie," he said. "A.J. and the rest of the team looked at it and said, 'This is silly, that's never going to work.' It ended up being a runaway success. But that happens in this business, you never know what's going to work."

Despite missing the mark occasionally, TeleBrands' formula has served it well over the years. Using approximate sales figures provided by the company, presents a list of its 10 best-selling products. Read ahead to find out what these "As Seen on TV" success stories are.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 8 Feb. 2013

Source: Telebrands