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Cramer: Facebook Should Buy LinkedIn

Cramer: Facebook Should Buy This Company

Following LinkedIn's blowout quarter where profits increased by 66 percent, Cramer thinks the company is ripe for a takeover at this level.

"This company, at $20 billion, is something Facebook should buy," he said. "It's too valuable of a property."

"[LinkedIn] is a company that has figured out mobile, it has figured out global, it is indispensable in a number of countries. Can it stay independent in an era where companies were willing to pay fortunes for companies like Yelp at one time?" Cramer said.

Cramer said that one of the "amazing" things about the company is its international expansion in non-English speaking countries such as Brazil and Germany. He also pointed to strength in the company's advertising business as one reason for its strong future potential.

"Other than the New York Times and Linkedin, I don't know of anyone that can raise prices here," he said. Cramer also said that be believes the iconic newspaper is a likely takeover target this year. "Bloomberg and New York Times, it's just a suggestion," he added.

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Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust owns shares of FB.