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Homes of Country Music Stars 2013

Homes of Country Stars Kenny Rogers

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Homes of Country Music Stars

In the past, has looked at the homes of country singers and musicians from the early classic era through outlaw country though the more pop-like country of recent decades. The latest re-boot of country star homes includes a working ranch, an older California house, a modest boyhood home, and of course some Nashville estates. As for the stars, they include a classic country legend, as well as hit-makers from the 1970s through today.

These homes are not all on the market, but among the properties that are (or were recently), their prices range from a mere $155,000 to just under $20 million. Two of these homes were sold in nontraditional ways, and two of the following featured country musicians moved within their same neighborhoods after selling their first homes.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 14 February 2013