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Love, Business Mix for Entrepreneurs. Sex? Not So Much: Survey

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Romance, schromanz. Who has time when you're running your own business — often with your spouse? And *COUGH* bedroom fun? Fuhgetaboutit.

Any business owner will tell you running an operation and balancing a personal life is tough. But if you happen to be married AND run a venture together, romance can often take a back seat.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new study released today asked married entrepreneurs which areas of their lives improved after becoming small-business owners. Just one percent said their sex lives got a boost, according to the study by Manta, an online community of small businesses.

ONE PERCENT, people!

A spouse, not surprisingly, is the family member most likely to be a joint owner, a co-manager and single confidant consulted prior to a critical business decision, according to data from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Manta's survey showed one in four small employers work with their significant other.

Is Romance and Business Dead?

Before you throw in the towel on mixing business and marriage, 32 percent of those surveyed said their family life and relationships improved after embarking on a life of entrepreneurship. The idea here is that operating a business requires so much cooperation that spouses grow closer as they navigate difficult, sometimes gut-wrenching financial decisions. Their trust for one another grows deeper.

Roughly 44 percent dutifully said they value personal relationships more than their small businesses.

But back to the juicy stuff. The study also discovered that 43 percent of survey participants said they value their personal relationships and small businesses the same. The same, huh?

The study was based on a survey of 1,147 small-business owners who are members.

And yes, it's STILL not too late to buy over priced flowers and candy for your significant other. Who knows. You might get ... never mind.

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