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Move Over, Psy, for the Harlem Shake

Gangnam Style
Source: Psy | Youtube

"Gangnam Style," by Korean pop/rap star Psy, is the most watched YouTube video ever. In less than a year, it's racked up over 1.3 billion hits. Billion. The entertainer's pony-riding dance and sarcastic attitude have hit a universal chord.

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Well, sexy lady, Gangnam Style is so 2012.

Here comes the "Harlem Shake." The new dance craze hit YouTube less than two weeks ago and already has over six million hits.

The dance usually involves one person dancing alone wearing a helmet who is soon joined by a mob, all dancing to the song, "Harlem Shake", by Baauer. The best way to describe the dance is to say it looks like something Elaine Benes of "Seinfeld" would create. It requires absolutely no skill. In fact, skill is a negative.

The dance is so popular that tech geeks have perfected it at Facebook.

So have the guys and gals at Google.

Young millionaires are so funny!

Apparently the original "Harlem Shake" dates back to 1981, and is nothing like the current viral

A search of YouTube finds that every Earthling who wants to be au courant has put up his or her own rendition. My favorite compilation starts off with an old lady dancing while picking her nose. Yes, this is a thing.

Even though I would call this dance the anti-dance, look to see it on the next "Dancing with the Stars," unless the fad fades by then. And it will. I mean, if I'm talking about the "Harlem Shake," and if Al Roker is dancing it, it's peaked.

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So, what should the next dance craze be?

The Washington Waffle—this dance involves a lot of finger pointing.

The Russian Shakedown (self-explanatory).

The Frack—jump up and down and release noxious fumes.

The Apple Jitterbug—nervous much?

—By CNBC's Jane Wells; Follow her on Twitter: @janewells