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Dirty Ship, Sick Passengers: Inside the Carnival Triumph

The cruise ship Carnival Triumph sits idle February 11, 2013 in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Adrift at Sea

After spending five days adrift in the Gulf Mexico after an engine fire knocked out the Carnival Triumph's power, relieved passengers finally disembarked on Friday.

Some kissed the ground in relief after tug boats pulled the crippled ship into port in Mobile, Ala., and guests once again stood on dry land. Passengers described an unbearable smell on the ship due to overflowing toilets and drain pipes that soaked many interior passages and cabins.

Following the cruise debacle, Carnival said passengers would be reimbursed fully for the vacation in addition to transportation expenses, a credit for a future cruise, and $500 cash — an amount that was not enough, some guests said.

"There are lost wages, I've got a baby sitter at home and I had to take off work," told Robin Chandler, who celebrated her 50th birthday on the ship, to Reuters.

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—Written by Katie Little
Posted 15 February 2013

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