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'Microcars': Tiny, Collectible Marvels of Design

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Microcars were built in Europe and Asia after World War II, when money, gasoline and raw materials were scarce. But they became a popular automobile genre valued as much for their cute looks and ingenious designs as for their parsimony. By 1972, when the Reliant company's Bond division made its Bug 700E, microcars had come to symbolize a youthful exuberance. That same spirit lives on in the Fiat 500s, MINI Coopers and other microcars descendants of today.

Candy magnate Bruce Weiner has built the world's largest collection of microcars over the past 11 years, and today and tomorrow, he and RM Auctions will be selling off more than 200 cars and 300 car-related collectibles. The collection is expected to fetch more than $6 million. Click ahead to see the highlights of the auction: