When to Expect Apple iTV, iPhone 5S and Tablets: Analyst

Apple Store shoppers
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first product event of 2013 may be closer then you think.

Peter Misek, senior technology analyst at Jefferies, predicts the first event will occur in March and will be a TV related event.

Don't get to excited though, it won't be unveiling the actual iTV, but it could show off a software development kit (SDK), which would allow developers to make games and applications for Apple TV.

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This App for Your Apple TV?

"We think there is a huge developer opportunity in the living room, utilizing the existing Apple TV set top box, which may or may not be in advance of an actual television," he said to CNBC on Thursday. "We think developers are clamoring for an opportunity to get access to that."

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Expect the the actual iTV to launch in September or October.

You won't have to wait that long though for the iPhone 5S or a lower cost iPhone, according to Misek's note. Both products are expected to launch in either June or July. The iPhone 6 may come in June of 2014.

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As for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, well, those devices won't roll out until the Fall either. Expect the tablets in September or October.

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