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George Washington could have held this stock

George Washington could have bought this stock

Believe it or not, there's a stock that you can buy and sell today that George Washington could have bought and sold when he was president.

And that's quite a long time ago — Washington was sworn into office in 1789 over 200 years ago.

Although the historians at Mount Vernon don't know for sure which stocks Washington bought and sold during his lifetime they are sure he was an active buyer of stocks.

In fact, George Washington was quite a shrewd businessman. According to various accounts, Washington ran a fishing operation that processed 1.5 million fish per year which he sold throughout the colonies and the British West Indies.

Washington also grew wheat and manufactured it into flour (as well as distilled whiskey.) Washington's grist mill produced about 278,000 pounds of flour a year, which was also popular in the colonies as well as England and sold under his own brand name.

Portrait of George Washington
Gilbert Stuart Williams | Wikipedia

Those and other endeavors made George Washington one of the richest men of his era. In fact, to this day Washington remains the No. 1 weathiest president with a net worth of more than $500 million, when adjusted for inflation.

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There's a stock that's been around so long that George Washington could've owned it.

Know what it is?

Get all the details in the original video above. First produced in 2012, some of the metrics have changed but the theme remains the same. One stock has been trading for more than 200 years!