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3 Sectors With Upside Ahead: Young

3 Sectors With Upside Ahead: Alec Young
3 Sectors With Upside Ahead: Alec Young

After a market pullback that saw the S&P 500 post the worst day in 2013 so far, a few sectors still have upside potential, Alec Young of S&P Capital IQ said Wednesday on CNBC.

The catalyst was release of the FOMC meeting minutes, which hinted at a shift in its quantitative easing with the words, "several on FOMC said Fed should be prepared to vary pace of QE."

The also dropped below 14,000.

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"I think you live by the Fed, you die by the Fed," he said. "This record global liquidity has definitely been pushing investors into riskier assets than they otherwise would've been looking at. And even though today is not a death knell for QE, it certainly gives people the sense that there's a little more disagreement on the committee than maybe people realized."

"We're starting to see more vocal concerns about the QE that's going on and the conditions around unwinding it. I think that, coupled with the fact that we had one of the most overbought markets in recent memory, I don't think you can be surprised by the big pullback here."

But three sectors were still in Young's good graces: Discretionary, industrials and health care.

"We'd continue to stay with that mostly cyclical cocktail into any weakness here," he said.

Young said that he had expected the S&P 500 to reach 1,550 to 1,575 before pulling back, acknowledging that the levels might have been overly aggressive.

In the long-term, however, Young's outlook appeared to remain positive.

"I don't think the QE party is over," he said.

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