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Cars You’ll Never Drive

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Cars You'll Never Drive

There are car collectors for whom money is no object. They will search the globe for their obsessions with the single-minded determination of a cyborg. But sadly, no amount of money, time or true grit will make certain cars accessible.

These are "concept cars," vehicles designed by imaginative souls, accepted at pitch meetings and displayed at auto shows, without ever achieving production-model status. Collectors have occasionally acquired these automotive holy grails, but the success stories are extremely rare.

Here is a list of 10 noteworthy cars that never made it to the showroom, as provided by Karl Brauer, CEO and editor-in-chief of, an online review aggregator for cars on the current market. While some are pretty impractical, Brauer believes that others could make great additions to any manufacturer's inventory, if only car companies would have a little faith.

Read ahead to see a list of the 10 cars you'll never drive, absent a major miracle.

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By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 22 Feb. 2013

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