Apple 'Less Arrogant' in Post Steve Jobs Era: Telecom CEO

Steve Jobs
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Apple is easier to deal with under CEO Tim Cook than it was during Steve Job's reign, according to the head of one of Europe's major telecommunication companies.

"Apple has [become] more flexible, paying more attention to everyone else, probably a little less arrogant than they used to be," France Telecom-Orange CEO Stephane Richard said Monday, according to a report from All Things D.

Richard said Apple has become more lenient in dealing with partner carriers during the past few years, compared to when Jobs was running the company.

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"I think they are probably a little more under pressure, and it is quite nice," Richard said.

While Jobs was known for having an uncompromising nature, Cook is known as being more gentle in his negotiations. For example, when it comes to patent lawsuits, Cook said, "I would highly prefer to settle than battle."

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Jobs, on the other hand, once said he would spend his "last dying breath" and "every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank" to destroy Google's Android platform.

In addition to drawing comparisons of Apple pre- and post-Jobs, Richard also said that regulations governing European telecom companies need a major overhaul if European carriers are to keep up with the growing demand for faster wireless networks.

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"Regulation in the past 15 years has led towards a single purpose," Richard said, "which is to provide a short-term benefit for the consumer. That's it. Today, this continent realizes that the industry is weak, that the main operators are in weak positions, the markets don't like them, and they are still indebted."