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Apple Still a Growth Stock: Mulholland

Apple Still a Growth Stock: Mark Mulholland
Apple Still a Growth Stock: Mark Mulholland

Apple stock has plenty of upside left ahead, Mark Mulholland said Wednesday on CNBC.

Mulholland, portfolio manager of The Matthew 25 Fund (MXXVX), cited a report showing that the worldwide smartphone market stands to grow around 26 percent over the next couple of years.

"Will they be No. 1 as they were last quarter? I don't know, but they'll participate in it," he said.

On "Fast Money," Mulholland acknowledged that Apple stock had lost momentum.

"I always think once a stock corrects 20, 25 percent, which it did in mid-November of 2012, in my mind, it takes a year, year and a half to get back to at least 85 percent of where it peaked out, which would be $600," he added.

Mulholland said that he would likely take some tax losses on the stock.

"I still have very, very high hopes," he said. "It's been a headache owning Apple the last three months but not a cancer."

Overall, Apple stock still appeared attractive, Mulholland said.

"I always think everything comes down to three issues: It's value, growth, momentum," he said. "If you can get all three, it's perfect. If you get two out of three, it's pretty good."

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified Mark Mulholland's title. He is portfolio manager of The Matthew 25 Fund.

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