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Cramer: 5 Dow Dynamos Should Drive Bull Further

Companies Leading the Market Higher

"We've rallied huge as we near this all-time high in the Dow Jones Industrials. However, I expect these stocks will keep us headed higher," said Jim Cramer.

The Mad Money host is convinced that at least a handful of stocks can drive the market despite their remarkable gains not only recently but since the bottom back in 2009.

"I expect the stocks that have led us from the bottom, American Express, Caterpillar, Home Depot, Disney and General Electric, will be the ones that keep us headed higher. As much as they have already gone up, they can still run - and run hard," he said.

American Express

American Express has rallied an astounding 483% from March 2009, for a return of 534% when adjusted for reinvested dividends.

"In the dark days of the great recession, American Express racked up some terrible bad debt losses," said Cramer. "People were actually concerned that this iconic brand might not make it."

However the business has changed considerably over the last few years.

"Now I look at this fabulous, well-run company and I think it still looks so cheap, selling at only 13 times next year's earnings. This may be one of the best stocks out there for 2013 because when American Express reported last, Ken Chenault, the CEO, announced a huge restructuring that could produce a big earnings boost."

"The stock is still well off its all time high of $66 before the big fall," Cramer added. "I can see it easily taking out that price the next time it reports."

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Caterpillar has rallied 286% from March 2009 for a return of 327% when adjusted for reinvested dividends.

"In the dark days of March 2009, CAT didn't trade as a maker of engines and earth movers, it traded as a financial company, and a weak one at that, because Caterpillar's clients needed financing to purchase the company's equipment and CAT itself had trouble giving them credit, so orders truly suffered," Cramer said.

"Now, though, CAT's balance sheet is rock solid and its orders are strong." And if China keeps improving Cramer thinks the stock could be heading for $116, where it was last year before we heard that China had weakened.

"The story makes a ton of sense here so don't look for CAT to hold the Dow back at these levels," he said.

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Home Depot

Home Depot has rallied 274% from March 2009 for a return of 320% when adjusted for reinvested dividends.

Cramer sees this retailer as a completely transformed company under the stewardship of CEO Frank Blake, an executive he likes much better than former CEO Bob Nardelli.

"We are only just now beginning to see the tailwind of the housing recovering impact Home Depot's earnings," said Cramer. And if we're only in the first inning of the housing recovery Cramer thinks Home Depot has much more room to run.

"Also, the company is boosting its dividend and buying back stock like crazy," Cramer added. "I think it's just getting started."


Disney has rallied 250% from March 2009, for a return of 268% when adjusted for reinvested dividends.

"This company has totally reinvented itself since the dark old days, profiting first from the Marvel acquisition and soon from the recent acquisition of the Star Wars franchise," Cramer said.

The Mad Money host added that catalysts ranging from new rides at the theme parks to big ratings for ESPN gives him tremendous faith that the next move is higher.


GE has rallied 213% from March 2009, for a return of 257% when adjusted for reinvested dividends.

Cramer likes that GE's earnings stream is now more industrial and less financially oriented.

"And I like the fact that it has gigantic international exposure to infrastructure, aerospace, and oil and gas. And I'm looking for dividend boosts and buybacks.," he said,

"Also, I have to tell you that of all the Dow stocks I follow, this is the one that is the absolute cheapest," Cramer said. "It's just too cheap to stay down here much longer."

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