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Welcome Xfinity Subscribers

Tyler Mathisen Welcomes Xfinity Users

Beginning today, the Finance channel will become Money, powered by CNBC.

With the new Money channel, you'll be more plugged in than ever to the worlds of business, personal finance and money management. You will also have new stock portfolio and watchlist tools to take action on that information.

CNBC's coverage of the day's top breaking news is coupled with real-time stock quotes and in-depth analysis of finance-related topics such as:

Consumer News

Spending, Saving and Debt



This new channel gives you a direct pipeline to the news-making features from CNBC's award-winning editorial team, like the annual report on America's Top States for Business, the Inside Wealth blog and features like Most Stressful Jobs.

You'll also get direct access to CNBC's , exclusive interviews with CEOs and business leaders, and insights from financial industry insiders, helping you manage your investments better than ever.

You can track those investments through the Money channel's new stock portfolio and watchlist tools, powered by Provided that you had logged in to your Finance channel portfolio or watchlist at least once since January 1, your portfolio and watchlist will still be available to you on the new Money channel. You will need to log in with your Comcast username and password to access them, just like you did on the Finance channel. The first time you visit your portfolio and watchlist, you will be asked to agree to's Terms of Service and then you will be taken to your portfolio and watchlist.

Please note: Any activity within or changes made to your existing Finance portfolio and watchlist after the markets closed on February 21, 2013 may not be captured in your new Money portfolio and watchlist. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Here are just a few highlights of what you'll receive with CNBC's Portfolio:

Total portfolio return: Cash dividends paid during the time you owned the stock will be included with unrealized gains/losses in the total return calculation

Stock split adjustments: Your number of shares will now accurately reflect any splits

Enhanced analytics: Graph and compare your portfolio against major benchmarks

International conversions: View your total portfolio value in different currencies

Enhanced portfolio transaction history: Includes cash and stock dividends and allows for different sorting and filtering

Download to Excel functionality

So welcome. We believe you'll enjoy the new menu. Questions or comments can be directed here.