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Valuable 'barn finds'

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The Berwick Discovery

A stash of 33 movie posters dating from 1930 and 1931 was found in an attic in Berwick, Pa., where they were possibly being used as insulation. They then sold at a country auction for $30,000. The posters were discovered stuck together in a stack with wallpaper paste, still in the chronological order in which they were posted at the cinema. With painstaking care, the posters were steamed apart to reveal the beautiful art and rich colors of classic Hollywood advertising, including titles such as "The Public Enemy" (one of just two known copies in existence), "Cimarron" and "Little Caesar." The collection brought in $503,000 at a March 2012 auction with Heritage Auctions. The individual poster that brought the most money was for the 1931 film "Dracula," one of just four copies, that brought $143,400.

Source: Heritage Auctions