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Global Concerns Resurfacing: Godfrey

Global Concerns Are Resurfacing: Gemma Godfrey

Global investor worries could provide an attractive entry point for cyclical stocks, Brooks Macdonald Asset Management Head of Investment Strategy Gemma Godfrey said Monday.

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Godfrey took a positive view of China's move to rein in its growing real estate market.

"It shows that global concerns are resurfacing, and any retrenchment is healthy," she said. "In terms of what's happening with China and trying to cull that property bubble, it's positive politically, neutral economically and healthy with respect to markets."

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Godfrey said that Beijing's move was the ninth time it implemented control mechanisms in 10 years, and it was more likely to help avoid a real estate crash in China.

Taking a broader view of the stock market, Godfrey said that one sector that posted strong gains could be running out of steam.

"It's given us cause for concern over consumer staples because we think they've run, potentially, too far," she said. "But for some cyclical stocks this might provide attractive entry points."

Godfrey also said that markets are trading less based on data and more on "second derivatives," using as an example the budget cuts that took effect March 1 in the United States and the ensuing stock rally.

The cuts didn't matter, she added.

"It was more investors turning around, saying, 'You know what? This is going to force the government to remain accommodative.' And that's really what's driving the markets, rather than the underlying data," Godfrey said.

The market has been showing "certain signs of cautiousness," she added, as investors have been moving money into equities along with safe havens, and "short-sellers have reached a multiyear low," in effect, getting squeezed out of the market.

"So again, this kind of plays into our view that short-term, we are nervous and a pullback would be healthy to try to get these longer-term investors into the markets," she said.

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