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A Dow Theory ‘Buy’ Signal: Yamada

A Dow Theory 'Buy' Signal: Yamada
A Dow Theory 'Buy' Signal: Yamada

Dow Theory along with broader market gains suggest that stocks are a "buy," Louise Yamada of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors said Tuesday on CNBC.

The closed at a new all-time high of 6,136.72, suggesting a broader bull market.

"But when the Dow joins it, and they both make a new high, as they did today, you're in a much better position in terms of the Dow Theory bull market," she added.

The topped its 2007 record to close at an all-time high of 14,253.77.

On "Fast Money," Yamada pointed to major tops in stock charts of bull markets in 1998 and in 2007.

"Today, you can't really say that," she said. "You have some extended names. You don't have a plethora of major tops, and you do have some stocks that are coming out of basis, as particularly as we've seen in the Dow."

"The point is that we have momentum confirmation."

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Yamada suggested that near-term, stocks were headed higher, with a correction down the line.

"Generally, you would anticipate some kind of negative divergences coming into place before you get a more serious decline. You're in an uptrend. The uptrend is still intact," she said. "The November low is the key support level at this point, so it's a question of — yes, you're going to get a pullback at some point, but the question is from what level."

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