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Cramer: ‘These People Scare Me’

No Huddle Offense: When Fed Pulls the Plug
Cramer: Ignore the 'Really Rich Fearmongers!'

There's growing rhetoric in the market that Jim Cramer just doesn't like. And he thinks it could do serious harm – to you!

The commentary stems from concern about the known on the Street as QE.

The program has largely been cited as a major catalyst behind the market's gains. That is, because QE drives interest rates so low, investors who would otherwise not invest in the market feel compelled to buy stocks in their quest for yield.

Largely the rhetoric Cramer doesn't like involves people who prognosticate dire consequences when the Fed stops buying bonds.

"These people scare me," he said.

"They tend to opine about how the exit won't be big enough for everyone to get out of the door when the Fed, satisfied that the economy is on even footing, stops buying bonds and starts selling them," Cramer explained.

Although Cramer admits the concern is real he thinks the surrounding swirl of drama is a bit much. "These worry mongers are almost certain about a coming bloodbath," said Cramer.

They're not considering some key possibilities:

They're not considering the potential for Ben Bernanke to engineer a graceful exit. They're not considering other powerful catalysts in the market that may counter-balance any negative effect.

They're not considering that things could go right.

And that, the Mad Money host says does a great disservice – especially to individual investors who are just trying to keep afloat. It sends them running to the sidelines.

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And it's individual investors who Cramer feels needs the market most. (If you're very rich bond yields are fine. After all 1% of $500 million is a lot of money. But if you're not rich and you need to grow what you have – you need the market.)

"I come at this from a totally different posture. I feel it is my responsibility to try to help individual investors make money," said Cramer.

Instead he advocates managing your money -- actively. And if you're unsure how to proceed, Cramer suggests watching Mad Money daily.

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Even if it becomes necessary to move to the sidelines, Cramer doesn't think events will happen so quickly that you'll be caught off guard. "I don't expect to see stocks suddenly plummet 50% as they did a half decade ago," he said. There are just too many other bullish catalyst in the market that weren't around last time.

If and when the time comes, "I can get you out of stocks," he said. Until then, as Cramer so often says, you need to get in the game.

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