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Netflix’s ‘Great Secular Drivers’: Mahaney

Netflix's 2 'Great Secular Drivers': Mark Mahaney
Netflix's 2 'Great Secular Drivers': Mark Mahaney

Shares of Netflix are heading higher based on a couple of strong catalysts, Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets said Tuesday on CNBC.

"I think they've reached either a flywheel's moment or a critical mass moment," he said. "They are proving scale, growth and profitability. We think this sub-base can continue to rise."

On "Fast Money," Mahaney called Netflix stock a "buy" with a price target of $210 per share.

"There are some very thoughtful bear arguments on this stock," he added, noting that the company's management team has done "an outstanding job" from the perspective of a 10-year time frame – less so over the past couple of years.

Mahaney sounded bullish on the stock if the company could keep its net new subscribers at 5 million per year.

But his outlook also involved consumer behavior.

"The long-term thesis is that this could be an internet video utility," he said. "There's two great secular drivers behind the Netflix story today that's relatively new – the surge in internet-connected devices, tablets, smartphones, etc., and then rise in video viewing online.

"That's where people are switching their entertainment habits, away from the TV screen and toward these devices. Netflix is a great play off that. If that continues to play up, there's upside to that $210."

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