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Cramer: 5 Stocks to Buy Right Now

Is the Market Reckless? 5 Stocks to Watch
Is the Market Reckless? 5 Stocks to Watch

Nobody likes to be late for the party. And with the Dow Jones Industrial Average at all time highs many individual investors are asking Cramer if they're late.

That is, if they buy now, will they be buying at the top?

Jim Cramer thinks there's almost always opportunity in the market. And the current market is no exception.

No matter what the market is doing, he recommends taking a bottom up approach – that is parsing through earnings reports, news articles and other published research and focusing on companies that have strong management teams, solid fundamentals, good business plans and attractive profit margins.

Applying those criteria, Cramer says the following stocks are 'just right for buying and can be bought right now.

Starwood (TICKER: HOT)

Cramer likes the portfolio of hotels the company owns and its strong overseas.

"In this last five years Starwood has truly developed a fabulous set of internationally known brands: the W, Sheraton, Le Meridien and St. Regis among others," Cramer said. "And they're building a hundred new hotels in China."

And Cramer says the bottom line confirms that the strategy is paying off

"It's trumped estimates consistently, most recently reporting a 5-cent earnings beat off a 65-cent basis, and revenues per room are going higher."

Cramer also sees the potential for a spin-off "With the wave of a pen, Starwood could split into a hotel company and a hospitality management company, and this $60 stock would open at $75. And guess what, $75 is exactly where Starwood was when we last hit a peak."


Cramer likes KeyCorp as a regional bank play because he says it's got a clean balance sheet and it trades at a discount to book value. He also likes that it has exposure to the manufacturing heartland, an area of the nation that's experiencing a renaissance.

Also, "The results of the next round of bank stress tests will soon be announced, and I'm betting that this company will then be able to boost its 2% yield substantially."

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

AFC Enterprises (TICKER: AFCE)

Cramer said few consumer plays have the growth potential of AFC Enterprises, the parent company behind Popeyes.

"AFC's got a business model similar to Domino's, which has moved up from $10 to $49 in three years and I think AFCE could have a similar trajectory," Cramer said

Cramer thinks at current levels this stock could be similar to Chipotle or McDonald's before their big moves.

"I've been a fan of AFC Enterprises for some time now because this company has been turning itself around," he said. "And CEO Cheryl Bachelder seems determined to keep Popeyes flying high."

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American Realty Capital Properties (TICKER: ARCP)

Cramer explained that American Realty Capital Properties is a real estate investment trust or REIT with a diverse group of retail tenants. "That seems about as bulletproof as it can get," he said.

"I also like ARCP because its CEO, Nick Schorsch just this week bought 50,000 shares. The stock is up about a buck since it got crushed on the closing of a big deal last week, but it's only at $14 and I think this one's still way too cheap to miss."


Cramer thinks this company is undervalued. Linn Co. recently acquired Berry Petroleum, "giving them some of the finest domestic oil assets still up for sale," Cramer said.

However, because of a controversy about how Linn hedges, the stock has traded sideways around $38.

"That's despite the immense growth in assets," said Cramer. "If you're looking for yield and you want to own an oil company in the great bull market for domestic petroleum products – it's this one."

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