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Cramer: Bears Keeping a Nasty Secret from You

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Cramer's Warning: Haters' 'Tainted' Advice

Whenever Jim Cramer sees a big bear come on TV or write an article that's very negative on the stock market, he feels certain they're keeping a secret.

And Cramer is hearing a lot of negatives. On CNBC alone, Cramer said he heard a surprising number of pros chastise this market.

They say "The market is too extended right now, so I think it's the wrong time to commit capital." Or, "I would like this market on a five percent pullback."

Cramer, however, thinks these market prognosticators may have an agenda; that is, those who are extremely dour, need the averages to go lower in order to catch up.

Talking the market down is almost a case of wishful thinking on their part.

"It's my belief that this rally is not only hated, but the people who hate it are either betting against it or sitting it out, and that's the main reason for their hatred," Cramer said.

Cramer reminds that money managers who have tried to fight the bull have been trampled – and they are desperate for a decline – so they can get into the market.

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Like so many other pros, Cramer believes price is truth and the truth is the Dow Jones Industrial Average is now trading at all time highs – levels never seen before.

He reminds that fighting the uptrend has been a mistake for months now. The fiscal cliff didn't kill the market, nor did the latest woes in Europe or the latest talk of a slowdown in China.

In addition Cramer believes there are plenty of tailwinds in the market that can drives stocks even higher.

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"I just wish that when some bear comes on television and bashes this market, they would be cross-examined so their views are expressed in context," Cramer said.

Whenever you hear a big bear trash talk the rally, ask yourself a few questions; Is he short? Did he miss the rally? Does he have a ton of cash on the sidelines? Does he need the market to go down in order to outperform the benchmarks?

As we said above, Cramer thinks the bears are keeping secrets.

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