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Hidden riches: 10 sought-after treasures

Sought After Treasures- Treasure Map

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10 Sought-After Treasures

There's gold in them thar' hills—well, somewhere. At least, so the story goes. Many ancient and modern treasures are still missing, and sometimes recovered, all over the world, and their stories never fail to intrigue.

This collection of some of the most sought-after treasures includes a range of hidden, lost or buried treasures, including Nazi-plundered precious objects, documents of American history, and pirate treasure. The list includes treasures with values that would make for an impressive unexpected haul for the finder, as well as others worth stratospheric amounts. Read on for fascinating tales of treasures lost (and sometimes found).

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By Colleen Kane
Posted 6 March, 2013

Pamela Moore | Vetta | Getty Images