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Seemingly Unrelated, Developments Share a Common Theme

No Huddle Offense: Big Deals on Wall Street

A slew of developments that might otherwise seem unrelated, in fact share something in common. And Cramer said it could make you money.

First Cramer pointed to a potential deal in which Verizon could buyout Vodafone. "It could be as much as $100 billion," he said. Then he cited Dell and its $24 billion deal to go private.

Then Cramer reminded that, "Earlier this week Hertz announced a . After that the Mad Money host talked about other companies making secondary offerings including MGIC Investment Corp.

Know what they all have in common?

Not yet? Does it help to know Cramer then pointed to "the pieces of Chesapeake being sold," or "the bond issuances that come hard and fast daily."

Got it now?

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As disparate as all these developments may seem, they all require bankers.

And what they all have in common is fees. "Huge fees," said Cramer.

That is, by brokering these and similar deals in the recovering economy, Cramer thinks banks are about to benefit in a big way. And at the end of the day that bodes well for at least three of the big banks.

"I think JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs are going to see a sudden spurt in their traditional businesses," he said. And that could generate a tailwind for shares.

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Cramer believes the catalyst will endure despite any issues that Dodd Frank may present.

"We have all become conditioned that Dodd Frank wiped out the principal source of income for these firms," Cramer said, "but believe it or not, though, the real steady stream comes from aiding other companies as they raise, create, and use capital."

If Cramer's right, then the multiple at which many of these banks trade may be too low.

"If they are swinging around billions, which is exactly what's starting to happen right now, the multiples may be way too low," Cramer said.

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