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S&P Pulls Back at This Level: Trader

Expect S&P 500 Pullback Here: Brian Kelly

Chart analysis of the S&P 500 suggests what the end of this stock rally will look like, Brian Kelly of Shelter Harbor Capital said Thursday.

"The bear suit is at the cleaners," he said. "I'm not quite ready to be short this market, but here's what happens."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Kelley noted that PMI tends to peak before the S&P does.

PMI, he added, "peaked months and months ago."

Kelly noted that if stocks gained another 100 points, that would take the S&P to around 1,585.

"We go 130 points, you get to 1,600," he said. "So that's where the target comes in."

Kelly said that the final phase would probably be a parabolic move higher, but it's not likely to happen in the immediate future.

"That's why I'm not willing to be short yet because I wouldn't want to get my face ripped off," he said.

StockMonster's Guy Adami agreed with the bearish flavor.

"I think the market wants to continue to go higher. It shows no reason to celebrate now. I think the reason will be evident when you have that day," he said. "We haven't had that day yet. I believe it's coming. We haven't seen it."

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso said that he liked Kelly's thesis.

"Everyone's been anticipating this pullback, but I think you're going to see that pullback at around 16, 16, where everyone's focused on 1,576," he said. "We'll probably just blow that right through, and that'll confuse everybody further."

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