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Commonly faked collectibles

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Toys: Rocket-Firing Boba Fett

Just before the 1980 release of "The Empire Strikes Back," packaging for Kenner's "Star Wars" figures featured an exciting mail-in offer: Boba Fett, the "new evil villain in the Star Wars galaxy," which could launch a rocket from its evil and villainous back.

Concerns over possible injury from the projectile prompted Kenner to redesign the product before it reached the public, however, and thus the ultimate collectible was born.

"A handful of pilot samples and test runs have surfaced over the years from Kenner employees," said Randy Falk, senior director of product development for the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA). "When documented and legit, they sell for $2,000 and more."

He added: "They get faked or bootlegged so much because the demand is so high and someone with minimal skill can replicate them fairly close. ... Also, some people don't mind buying the fakes, since they can't afford to obtain a real one for their collection."

Another commonly faked "Star Wars" figure is the vinyl-caped Jawa. In the first-ever run of "Star Wars" figures, Jawas were outfitted with vinyl capes, which were later changed to cloth, so the rare figures with vinyl capes ones bring in the big bucks on the secondary market.

Source: Randy Falk