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10 Innovators Leading the Charge for Change

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10 Innovators Leading the Charge for Change

Companies don't innovate. People do.

But in today's business world, the people behind the innovation and groundbreaking ideas and inventions can be overshadowed by their creations.

Sometimes that anonymity is by design. (USB co-creator Ajay Bhatt, for example, prefers to pass the credit on to his team. Even when Intel made his name famous in a 2009 commercial, he declined to appear. An actor played him instead). More often, though, it's one of the side effects of the business world.

With that in mind, we've turned the spotlight on some people who are pushing their industries forward. Some of the names are familiar. Some you've probably never heard before (and may not hear again), but all of them are working to improve fields that have an impact on the majority of the population.

By Chris Morris, Special to
Posted 20 March 2013

Deborah Harrison | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images