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‘Cyprus Is Not Contagious’: Pro

'Cyprus Is Not Contagious': Pro

Stocks might be headed for a correction, but not because of Cyprus, Merk Investments CIO Axel Merk said Friday.

Taking issue with an earlier assertion on CNBC's "Fast Money" that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was "the only thing that matters," Merk pointed to another factor across the pond.

"There is somebody on the other side of the Bernanke trade, which is the European Central Bank. The Europeans, despite everything that's happened in Cyprus, have been mopping up liquidity," he said. "The Americans, the Brits, the Japanese, all printing money like crazy."

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Merk said that the market continued to show signs of strength because of the isolated nature of the issues facing Cypriot banks.

"What people have realized is Cyprus is not contagious. We had a treasury auction in Spain last week that went great," he said. "If people were pricing in the remote chance of contagion, we would be very different than where we are today."

Merk said that the euro was attractive.

"I definitely want to buy the euro on dips," he said, adding that U.S. investments were certainly another option – with a caveat: "The challenge is it's expensive. The challenge is you're chasing something that's pushed up artificially."

Merk didn't express concern that Cyprus was looking to exit the euro.

"It's not rational to leave the euro. It's not healthy to leave the euro. But I think the events of last week have shown there are many irrational things happening over there in Cyprus," he said.

"The point is that Cypriot banks have very little outstanding debt other than owing depositors money, which means the contagion is very limited."

The nature of the currency, he added, was relatively unimportant when debt such as Germany's was still a viable option.

"Who knows whether the euro's going to be around in 10 years? But when I hold a German T-bill, I don't really care about those little details," he said. "I want to hold German debt. I don't want to hold Cypriot debt."

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