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Stock Pullback Isn't Inevitable: Tom Lee

Data May Not Signal Pullback: Tom Lee

If U.S. economic data doesn't seriously disappoint, investors might have to give up on the idea a correction is inevitable, JPMorgan Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Tom Lee said Monday on CNBC.

"It is a consensus call," he said of the common refrain on Wall Street that the bull market is headed for a significant decline.

"I think that data needs to weaken, and if it doesn't weaken meaningfully, we're going to have to give up on the idea that there's a deeper pullback coming," he said.

On "Fast Money," Lee said that positive job growth could provide a tell on where stocks are headed.

"That might be one of our pivot points because, you know, if it comes in weak and the market takes it in stride, it tells us the market's looking through the wiggle and looking at the longer term, and maybe there isn't a correction," he said.

Looking at a stock market chart depicting the shift in 2012 from the first to the second quarter, Lee noted that the worst stocks were down 15 percent, while the best stocks were up 19 percent.

"And you saw in the second quarter, it completely reversed," he noted.

"Now, if I had to think about why that would happen today, I think it's because if the U.S. data in fact is strengthening, people will start to be more comfortable owning the cyclicals rather than defensives, and that sort of leads that reversion trade in Q2."

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