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Het Arresthuis

Former use: Jail

Location: Roermond, Netherlands

Weekend rate for a double: from approx. $165

This luxury hotel once had extremely restricted check-out times -- back when it was a jail. It's one of the latest of numerous jails around the globe to be converted into hotels.

The prison of Roermond housed prisoners for 150 years, then fell vacant for years, had another stint at being a prison until 2007, then construction began on its current incarnation, which opened in 2011. Now the 105 prison cells have been transformed into 40 rooms for paying guests. Of those, 24 are standard,12 deluxe and four are suites, named "the Director," "the Warden," "the Lawyer," and "the Judge." Just remember to call the outdoor space not a prison yard but a "terrace," and that you can't pay for anything with smokes.

Source: Het Arresthuis