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Hotel Costa Verde

Former use: 1965 Boeing 727 Fuselage

Location: Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Weekend rate: $500

The Fuselage home is like a more inviting version of the crashed airplane that "LOST" characters found in the jungle if it was tastefully renovated in teak by The Others. The plane once served South Africa Air and Colombia's Avianca Airlines, but now it's a special two-bedroom, two-bath suite of the Hotel Costa Verde, which has the tagline "Still more monkeys than people." The jumbo suite sits on a pedestal 50 feet in the air with decks over each wing for taking in views of the park and ocean, as well as the sloths, monkeys and toucans in the surrounding trees.

Bonus: An eatery called El Avion, made from a former plane left over from the Iran-Contra affair, is perched at a cliff side in the same park.

Source: Hotel Costa Verde