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Fast Money Madness: Google vs. Disney


"Fast Money Madness" enters the match-ups between its final four contestants, first with top-seeded Google against "Cinderella" story that was Disney.

(See the full "Fast Money Madness" bracket.)

No. 1 Google vs. No. 5 Disney

StockMonster's Guy Adami said, "Google."

"I think they're still in the sweet spot for their business," he added, also saying that he loved Disney.

Karen Finerman of Metropolitan Capital Advisors backed Mickey Mouse.

"To me the biggest attraction about Google is, I feel like it's Apple in its more beloved phase, which makes me less comfortable," she said. "And Disney's just slowly chugging along, doing a great a job."

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso said that he had sold his Google holdings earlier in the week but was looking to get back in.

"I go with Google," he added, noting that at the start of "Fast Money Madness" he had picked the search giant to win it all.

OptionMonster's Jon Najarian also selected Google, shrugging off the stock's dip below its 50-day moving average.

"I think it gets right back above there," he said. "I'm looking for a 48-hour trade below the 50."

While Najarian's vote puts Google over the top to advance to the next round, the "Fast Money" followers on Twitter selected Disney.