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You Voted! BlackBerry Crushed Apple

BlackBerry Wins 'Squawk Box Money Madness'

A "David and Goliath" story played out in the finals of our "Squawk Box Money Madness" stock tournament.

Little, beaten up BlackBerry—market cap $7 billion—topped the $400 billion behemoth Apple.

Struggling to stay relevant, BlackBerry won in a landslide, with 63 percent of the nearly 16,000 votes cast on CNBC's Facebook page and our Squawk.CNBC.com show page.

(View our Completed Bracket—How Did You?)

Our tournament started three weeks ago—matching up 16 of the most popular stocks on CNBC.com head-to-head, with the best playing the worst based on their 2013 performance. We ran polls each day asking the question: "Which stock will have the best gains from the start of the second quarter to the end of the year?"

Apple's recent slump made it a No. 4 seed on its side of our bracket, while BlackBerry's gains so far this year earned it a top seed on its side. BlackBerry beat Nokia, International Business Machines, and Facebook to reach the final. Apple beat Netflix, General Electric, and Bank of America.

While BlackBerry emerged victorious, the stock is only a shadow of its former self—trading at around $14 a share. It had peaked at over $230 in the summer of 2007.

Blackberry 10
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A once-dominate player in the smartphone business, the company has re-booted its brand with BlackBerry 10. Just released, the first device based on the new platform was the Z10, which has a touchscreen keyboard—not the physical keyboard that the company has been known for. The Q10, with the physical keyboard, is expected to be released shortly. Reports say it should be available in Europe later this month and in the U.S. possibly in May.

In 2013, BlackBerry remains in third place, with just 5.4 percent of the smartphone market, according to ComScore. Devices based on Google's Android operating system lead, with nearly 52 percent of the market, while Apple's iPhone has 39 percent of the market locked-up.

When Apple's iPhone came on the scene, it ushered in a smartphone revolution. And while Apple has built on its franchise ever since, the iPhone has only seen incremental updates recently and investors have cooled a bit on the stock. Apple shares soared to all-time highs last fall before hitting a bumpy road. The stock now trades around $420—back to January 2012 levels.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry was left for dead and bottomed out back in September, when Apple was hitting all-time highs. Since then, it's been the opposite story, with BlackBerry more than doubling and Apple tanking about 40 percent.

You voted and your voice was clear: BlackBerry is your "Squawk Box Money Madness" champion!

By CNBC's Matthew J. Belvedere; Follow him on Twitter @Matt_SquawkCNBC