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Robot Reality: How Robots Will Change Our Lives

Nanobots Cancer

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Medical and Rehab Robots

Robots used for medical purposes will also dramatically change the way we treat ailments. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are experimenting with using robots that are just millimeters in size to perform heart surgery. Engineers at Autodesk are also working with medical researchers to help them develop nano-robots that could be injected into cancer patients to selectively kill cancer cells.

For people with impairments like a spinal cord injury or partial paralysis caused by a stroke, robotics may also be able to assist in the rehabilitation process.

Researchers at Columbia University are studying how robotic exoskeletons can be used to help patients walk again. Basically, researchers have found that the robotic exoskeleton can help partially paraplegic patients retrain brain cells so that they can learn to walk again, or at least improve their gait.

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