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CNBC Beer Label Madness Champion Crowned

Troegs Brewery Nugget Nectar
Source: Troegs Brewery Company

In the end, there was no denying the fist full of hops.

Troegs Brewing Nugget Nectar took home the title of CNBC Beer News "Beer Label Madness" Champion after edging out Boulevard Brewing's Reverb by a score of 1,622 to 1,602 in an online poll.

The two-week contest pitted 64 different beer labels from 64 different breweries in a bracket-style contest to determine which label consumers loved the most.

"We're only in eight states and we're not in as large a market as some of the other breweries, but (the) Nugget Nectar logo is really striking and it stands out" said Ed Yashinsky Brewery Manager at Troegs.

The label is a recent redesign of a longtime of Troegs fan favorite and features a large fist squeezing the juice from a ripe hop.

"We came up with the idea of the hand-squeezing the hops and the first version was actually much more cartoon looking," said Yashinsky. "After 10 years, we started redesigning our entire line and things got a little more stylized, to what we have now."

The Nugget Nectar label is the culmination of a long creative process that begins with finding the right name, Yashinsky said. While finding a clever name might be a challenge, finding one that can be properly trademarked is even tougher with more than 2,400 breweries currently in operation.

"For every great name we came up with, we probably throw 300 on the scrap pile," he said. "Then you start looking for an image that's going to work."

In the case of Nugget Nectar, it's safe to say Troegs found the right combination. The fist full of hops can now proudly claim the title of CNBC Beer News Beer Label Champion.

-By CNBC's Tom Rotunno; Follow him on Twitter @TomRotunno

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